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Give & Take

Superior performance can now be Shared. Give & Take Data Sync and Power Sharing cable is an innovative and reinvented product which facilitates Power Sharing within mobile devices. The power will be transferred directly from the smartphone to the connected device with its built-in smart charging chip. Forget those bulky power banks, use Give & Take as your daily companion for tangle-free charging as it gives you the power to keep going whenever you need it

High Speed Charging and Data Transfer

Give & Take high speed Lightning cable and Micro-USB facilitates efficient power sharing from your smart phone or tablet to another micro-USB or Lightning Devices attributed to the tinned copper wiring protected by touch yet flexible PVC rubber sheath.

Tough Build

The durable PVC Sheath makes it difficult for any tug or twist to break the cable and can survive through the most unforgiving situations.

Manageable length

At just 30 cm and equipped with MICRODIA Velcro, Give & Take is not only Easy to Use, but also compact, lightweight and you could simply toss it into your bag and Head-Out!

Built to Last

The tangle-free design swipe away days when you have to waste time to entangle to listen to or watch your favorite music and movies.


Compatibility: 100% compatible with Apple iPhone / iPod, Android devices and all other micro-USB-enabled devices*

Length : 30cm / 12inch

Cable sheath : High quality PVC material with additional coating for protection
Warranty : Backed by MICRODIA 12-Month Warranty

Maximum charging current: 2A ( actual current depends output power of source device )

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