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If you could only carry one cable with you, Unity is all you need! This innovative 2in1 reversible design makes charging both Android and Apple devices possible with one single connector and works with virtually every mobile device on the market. With Unity in your bag means you can charge no matter your tech devices choices are.

Charge and Sync "Two Birds with One Stone"

If you have mixed tech devices choices with Apple and Android, you know the troubles of looking for a right charging cable. Now, there could be an end in sight for this hassles with Unity which promises to work on all your devices. This brilliant design has a single connector that plugs into Apple gear, and by flipping over the connector it then fits into any Android device with Micro-USB port.

Fast and Reliable Data Transfer & Sync

Thanks to the high-graded tinned copper wire within the cord, which is well protected by fashionable and durable PVC rubber sheath, Unity performs all its tasks in a flash with a stable 2.4A output. Signal quality is maximized and durability is enhanced.

Tough Build

The durable PVC rubber build makes it difficult for any tug or twist and able survive through the most unforgiving situations. An additional layer of coating is applied for durability and reduce fraying.

Perfect Cable Length reaches wherever you need

This  cable ensures your mobility to charge and use the device with more freedom. Bind it using the adjustable MICRODIA velcro strap for easy transport and storage. It also allows convenient cable length adjustment to avoid trailing cables across the floor when charging.

Built to Last and Impress

The tangle-free design swipe away days when you have to waste time to entangle to listen to or watch your favorite music and movies. The tough, flexible protective coating ensure durability and the custom mix of vivid colors, sleek finishings and refined design help you stand out from your peers.


Interface: Apple Lightning, Micro-USB in one connector, USB-A 2.0
Max Speed: up to 480Mbit/s
Max Power Output: 5V / 2.4 Amp (High Speed Charge & Sync)
Length : 1.2m / 3.9ft
Material : High Quality PVC material
Cable Sheath : Extremely Durable, Strong
Warranty : Backed by MICRODIA 12-Month Warranty

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