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What does MFi-Certified Mean?

MFi-Certified stands for “Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad”.  This is a quality mark from Apple for Lightning cables and other products.  Apple has developed a test program that tests cables on safety, performance and their compatibility with iOS devices. Producers of accessories for those devices, such as cables, headphone jack, dock connectors, etc., must go through a stringent program to have their products approved by Apple®.  These products are approved to have the MFi logo printed on their packaging. Approved cables get a special MFi chip, which assures customers that the accessories will perform safely and efficiently with Apple devices.


Why you should use MFi-Certified Products?

You can prevent damage to your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device with a good cable while you may encounter these problems if you use a counterfeit cable;

  • The Lightning connector port of your device might damage as counterfeit cables might not fit properly into your device;

  • Shorter lifespan of device battery as the cable does not come with safety features such as short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, etc.;

  • Unable to charge and sync when iOS is updated

  • Charging and data transfer speed is not guaranteed


How do you recognize MFi Products?

The difference between certified and non-certified cables is reflected in the price and packaging. The certified connectors are much more expensive than one non-certified and, extensive testing process costs and, all MFi-certified products are approved to have the MFi logo on their packaging. 


Genuine Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable

  • Single piece

  • Smooth finish

  • Rounded, smooth contacts


Width and length of

Apple boot is consistent

(7.7mm x 12mm)


Gray / Metallic faceplate insert

Counterfeit or uncertified Lightning to USB cable

  • More than one piece

  • Rough or inconsistent finish

  • Squared contacts with an uneven surface


Varying width, length or thickness


White or black faceplate insert

  • Interlocks on USB shell are trapezoidal

  • Interlocks are equally spaced from edge


USB contacts are gold-plated

  • USB surface is smooth and consistent

  • Surface of USB shell is flat


Surface f the insulator for the USB connection is uniform and flat

  • USB shell interlocks are square

  • Interlocks are inconsistently spaced


USB contacts are silver-plated

  • USB surface is rough and grainy

  • Surface of USB shell has a detent or retaining divot


Insulator for USB connection has notches or indents

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