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POWER Cable™

The World’s 1st 3-in-1 Charging & Sync Cable

and Portable Battery Booster

The Ultimate Solution for Solving iPhone Battery Drain
•  Use as Your Every day Cable

•  1200mAh Battery Booster for Use On-The-Go

•  Data Sync Cable

Available Soon!

Compatible with the New
iPhone 14 / 14 Plus /
14 Pro / 14 Pro Max

POWERCable White
POWERCable Orange
POWERCable Blue


Extra Talk-Time


Extra Internet Usage





Never Run Out of Battery Again

POWERCable White Lightning

POWER Cable™ helps you to keep going when your smartphone battery is dead. Plug it into your device for an immediate battery boost for up to extra 5.0 hrs talk time or 3.5 hrs internet use – or use it just like a normal charge cable to charge your device from any USB power outlet.

Available Soon!

Smart Companion

Use POWER Cable™ to charge your smartphone from any USB power outlet. Unlike conventional power banks, POWER Cable™ charges itself automatically “only” after charging your device - so you will know your device is always being taken care of first.

Available Soon!

Designed to be Portable

POWER Cable™ means power in your pocket 24/7.
POWER Cable™ is compact, light-weight and easy to carry wherever you go. It is a must for every smartphone user.

Available Soon!
POWERCable Lightning

POWER Cable™  - Lightning


POWER Cable™  - microUSB


POWER Cable™  - USB-C

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