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Durcable TWIST

DurCable YOGA

MFi-Certified Strengthened Conductors with DuPont Kevlar Lightning Fast Charge & Sync Cable

Tested 6X Strength and Durability

Durcable TWIST

Compatible with the New
iPhone 14 / 14 Plus /
14 Pro / 14 Pro Max

Durcable TWIST icon

Ultra Rugged Cable Built with DuPont Kevlar

The Double-Braided Nylon Exterior, Aramid Fiber Core and Laser-Welded Connectors Equip DurCable YOGA with Superior Toughness from End-to-End. DurCable YOGA Boasts of the Latest Material and Charging Technology.

Better Strain Relief

The 15mm Strain Relief where the Cable Joins the Connector Head Has Been Optimized to Withstand the Greatest Amount of Bend Cycles. Made from Flexible Double-Braided Nylon, the Added Strength and Flexibility Helps to Absorb Stress and Reinforce the Junctions Between the Cable and the Connector Head to Prevent Separations.

Flexible Insulation

Insulation of Cables Protects the Wires within from Damage as the Cable Bends and Flexes. The Innovative Strain-Relief Collars is made for Survival Even 6,000 Times of Flexes or Bends, the Collar and the Cable Joint Wouldn’t Get Slightest of Fray.

Double Braided Nylon

The External Cable Braiding is Made From a Premium and Hard-Wearing Nylon Material. There is a Tightly Woven Jacket that is Wrapped Around a Loosely Braided Core. It is Much Stronger than just a Twisted Nylon Due to the Number of Fibers it is Made From. Also the Outer Shell Protects the Cable from Abrasion while Giving it Very Smooth. Double Braided Nylon Absorbs Shock Loads Very Well and is Resistant to Rot.

Extra Length

1.5M/4.95FT in Length

Buy with Confidence

Backed by 10-Year Manufacturer Original Limited Warranty.

Durcable TWIST 10 Year Warranty
Durcable TWIST Features

Extreme Strength &
Flexibility thanks to
DuPont Kevlar Built In

Durcable TWIST Product

Aluminium Connectors

Strengthen Connectors
Need to Prevent Separation

Durable Braided
Hard Wearing Nylon Jacket

Durcable TWIST Black
Durcable TWIST Silver
Durcable TWIST Gold
Durcable TWIST Rose Gold
Durcable TWIST Red
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